Arrival and Dismissal

Arrival and Dismissal
Posted on 09/04/2020
Dear Parents & Families,
Arrival and dismissal procedures have changed at HGS. Please read this information carefully so that you are prepared for the first days of school.
School buses will now be using the loop in the front of the school for drop-off and pick up times.
Walkers should use the main entrance for arrival. They will be dismissed out the front entrance and escorted to the HGS sign - parents should wait there for pick up.
Car Drop-off & Pick up:
Cars will enter the school driveway from Derry Rd (Route 102), staying on the drive as it turns left and following it behind the school. Please do not pull into the front parking lot unless you need to bring your child into the building due to an extenuating circumstance (ex: student using crutches). Do not pull into the front loop for any reason as you will block bus traffic.
Arrival: Pull around the building to the walkway by door 15 (at the end of the building). A staff member will be there to welcome children to school safely. Remember that masks should be on as children exit the vehicles.
Dismissal: Cars will form two lines, beginning at the second crosswalk after passing the portable classrooms. Please show the placard with your family number prominently in your windshield. A traffic cone will be placed at the crosswalk and a staff member will be waiting to read the numbers.
Once staff has relayed the numbers of the first two vehicles to the teachers waiting with students, the staff member will signal those two cars to pull forward to the next crosswalk. Additional staff will be waiting with your child at that location to ensure that they will get to your car safely. If your child is not ready when you are at the front of the line, you will be asked to pull forward to allow for the flow of traffic.
Exit by going back to the Hills Garrison driveway, past the Rodgers Memorial driveway to Derry Road. Please do not exit by going through Alvirne High School’s parking lot.
While your children are in the holding location, they will line up with safe physical distancing, wear face masks and be expected to wait quietly. These expectations will be reinforced by your child’s teacher as well as the staff waiting with them. We ask that you stress the importance of following these procedures so your child is safe and can hear their name and/or number when it is called.
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