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Mrs. MacDougall’s Newsletter

September 2019


Welcome Back!!!! 

This month we will be working on getting to know each other 😊. We will play some reading and math games having fun while we learn about each other. During the time spent in our room the students will become familiar with the rules and expectations during our time together.

Communication is very important to me, I will be working closely with your child’s teacher to help each of them reach their potential. We will work in small groups while working on math and reading goals. If you have any questions, concerns, comments please reach out to me. 

During the first couple of weeks of September I will be benchmarking the students in reading. The students will read a small book or passage and answer some comprehension questions. This will give the level they are reading. We will also be doing a few math games to review concepts taught last year. 

As the month progresses the students will be taking the STAR assessments with their class in both reading and math. These assessments are taken 3 times a year with their class: fall, winter, and spring and I will have them take it periodically to progress monitor the skills they are learning. How they answer the questions, gives me some insight on their reading and math skills. 

Over the summer I read an interesting book called “The Leader in Me” by Stephen R. Covey. It gives 7 habits that helps students at any age be more effective, more goal oriented, and more successful. I will be discussing and modeling these habits throughout the year. I will include them in the newsletters as we continue this year. The first habit is: Be Proactive - taking responsibility. We will read some books, do some writing activities, and even try to include math activities centered around the habits.  I am looking forward to a great year!


  Debbie MacDougall 

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