Mrs. MacDougall’s Newsletter

January 2019
Happy New Year


Welcome January –

Yeah, we have made it to the new year, exciting things happening this year!!! I hope everyone got a chance to rest and relax over holiday break. Our January word of the month is RESPECT.

In reading we are going to start talking about informational texts, what are some features in an information text. We will talk about a table of contents, pictures and captions, headings, labeled diagrams, bold print, and a glossary. We will learn how these characteristics help us understand more about the story. We will discuss how informational texts are nonfiction and the text is used to inform readers about a specific topic.

In math, second grade will continue working with 2-digit numbers - working on regrouping 10 ones for 1 ten, adding two-digit numbers, adding more than two numbers, and problem solve a word problem by drawing a picture. Fourth grade will continue developing fluency in multiplying 2-digit numbers and problem solving two step word problems.

In 7 habits we are working on habit 3 – put first things first – put the important things first. With this habit we will discuss how to make a to do list, how to prioritize the list and what is most important that must get done versus what can wait.

On January 17 there will be a screening of the new documentary – ANGST, Raising Awareness around Anxiety. This screening will take place in the Music Room at Laverne High School from 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. There will be NO SCHOOL on January 18 (teacher workshop) and NO SCHOOL on January 21 (Civil Rights Day). Enjoy the long weekend!


As we enter January we always think about New Year’s resolutions, this year I am starting off January with “The 30 Day Happy Teacher Challenge”. For the next 30 days I will “bring a bit of positivity to my day by completing daily challenges to make a difference”.

Spread positive energy


As always thank you for all you do each day for your children! If I can be a help at any time, please let me know of any concerns/questions at any time during the school year!  ~  Debbie MacDougall 😊



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