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Van Gogh Sunflowers
Van Gogh Sunflowers

Hi Everyone!
My name is Margaux Thibeault, and I am the art teacher at Hills Garrison Elementary School. I am looking forward to a fun, creative, and inspiring year at Hills Garrison!

The Importance of Creativity

Creativity can begin in the art room, yet it also leads students to success in all subjects. It leads students to become effective 21st century learners even after they leave school. Art leads students to find their own creative voice through self-expression, imaginative ideas, and autonomy. As their art teacher my goal is to foster creativity in the art room by following a Teaching for Artistic Behavior (TAB) Philosophy. In contrast to a teacher-led, project-based approach where the art teacher does most of the creative thinking and problem solving prior to introducing the project to the students, a TAB studio uses responsive teaching, acknowledging each student’s unique interests’ motivations and talents.

Teaching for Artistic Behavior

Teaching for Artistic Behavior is a style of choice-based teaching that focuses on the students, their interests, and their ideas. Students are viewed as authentic artists, and groups of materials are made available and introduced to the students one by one. Each class begins with a demonstration to discuss and inspire new ideas. Each student participates in the day’s demonstration. Some follow the teacher’s lead and try the new idea. Others observe the demonstration, filing the information away for when they need it, and then work on an idea that they came to class with or continue to work on a piece from another class period. At the end of each class period we have a share and reflection period, where the students can choose to share their work with the class. As their TAB educator, I guide, challenge, and mentor students as they explore, problem-solve, and experiment through the art that they make. 
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                      What Will We Learn?

Studio Habits of Mind

         Teaching for Artistic Behavior uses the following studio habits as guidelines for artistic discovery and growth. When the eight studio habits are introduced to the students, they become more mindful about their practice.

  • Develop Craft

    “I can purposefully use different tools, materials, and techniques.”

  • Engage & Persist

    “I can create mindful art and embrace art problems.”

  • Envision

    “I can plan and picture the next steps in my art work.”

  • Express

    “I can create thoughtful works of art that convey feelings, ideas, or stories.”

  • Observe

    “I can look closely at the world around me.”

  • Reflect

    “I can think, talk, and write about my artistic process.”

  • Stretch & Explore

    “I can try new things and learn from my mistakes.”

  • Understand

       “I can learn about art history and connect with other artists.”

Students Will:

  • Be acknowledged as artists.
  • Express and explore their own original thoughts and ideas.
  • Value and respect the thoughts and ideas of their peers.
  • Collaborate and communicate with their peers.
  • Work independently.
  • Learn responsibility and time management.
  • Solve problems and ask questions.
  • Learn from mistakes, rather than fear them.
  • Overcome challenges.
  • Reflect on their work and their artistic process.
  • Contribute to their school community.
  • And MORE…

“The road to becoming an innovator who sees possibilities in the world around them is to practice coming up with ideas… When students learn to come up with their own art problems to solve, it teaches them to trust themselves and their own judgment. When they know why they are trying something or how they achieved it, it gives them a window into understanding the motivation behind great artists’ work. Children bring a lot of knowledge to the table and should be given the opportunity to expand upon those ideas.”
-Anne Bedrick (Choice Without Chaos)


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